CANVAS LEGACIES by Yadegar Asisi

Delving deep into the essence of Yadegar Asisi’s oil painting, this digital art series reinvents the light, colours and textures of the Impressionist era on a pixel level. Explore the intricate fusion of traditional artistry and digital techniques in an exclusive collection limited to six artworks and 25 editions each. As you look closely, each piece transforms, revealing a depth and shapes not apparent at first glance. This series invites art lovers to experience the continual interplay of color and form, celebrating the pioneers of the Impressionist movement.

The Collection


Canvas Legacy ED#01


/25 minted

Canvas Legacy CP#02


/25 minted

Canvas Legacy PC#03


/25 minted

Canvas Legacy AR#04


/25 minted

Canvas Legacy BM-MB#05


/25 minted

Canvas Legacy VVG#06


/25 minted

The making of a unique collection

From the artist studio to the blockchain.
Follow the team around artist Yadegar Asisi during the creation process of the series.

First there was a painting

For his Panorama of the Impressionist Era, Yadegar Asisi painted a huge 6 metre wide oil painting of the Place de la Cathédrale in Rouen, which was digitised and exhibited as a 30×100 metre circular panoramic installation.

“Our aim was to transfer the essence of an oil painting into a medium that corresponds to
our time.”

Yadegar Asisi

The Digital Output reimagined

Testing many different approaches to capturing the essence of an analogue oil painting in a digital artwork, the canvas was meticulously photographed at a macro level, providing the basis for high-resolution and true-to-life textures and colour rendering.

“This is a digital tribute to the beauty of oil on canvas.”

Yadegar Asisi


Using a combination of macro photography, 3D depth mapping and motion design, sections of the painting were digitally composed, remastered and animated. The result is six works of art that showcase mesmerising topographies of fine textures and splashes of colour reminiscent of the silhouettes of selected Impressionist pioneers.

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CANVAS LEGACIES is an exclusive digital art series that reinterprets the essence of an oil painting by Yadegar Asisi through modern digital techniques. This collection comprises six unique editions, each artwork available in 25 pieces, designed to celebrate the interplay of color and form reminiscent of Impressionist pioneers. Inspired by Yadegar Asisi’s panoramic oil painting of the Place de la Cathédrale in Rouen, this series represents a bridge between traditional artistry and contemporary digital expression.

How were the CANVAS LEGACIES artworks created?

The artworks were created by digitizing Yadegar Asisi’s original oil painting at a macro level, capturing the intricate textures and colors with high-resolution macro photography. Through a blend of macro photography, 3D depth mapping, and motion design, sections of the painting were digitally composed, remastered, and animated to produce mesmerizing topographies that invite viewers to explore the depth and nuances of each piece.

How can I purchase a CANVAS LEGACIES NFT?

You can purchase NFTs of the series starting with the minting date of 15 March 2024 directly here on the project website at a price of 0.03 ETH (approx. 115€) excl. translation fees (approx. 30€-50€). We utilize a custom smart contract created with Manifold Studio, coupled with an advanced purchase system that allows for payments in ETH or by credit card through Crossmint integration. Credit card users can either use their existing wallet or receive a new one from Crossmint, accessible via email, streamlining the transaction process. To access the pieces on the secondary market, please visit OpenSea. See our terms and conditions for more information.

What makes CANVAS LEGACIES unique?

CANVAS LEGACIES stands out for its innovative fusion of traditional oil painting techniques and cutting-edge digital artistry. Each piece in the series is a tribute to the beauty of oil on canvas, reimagined through digital media to reflect the essence and aesthetics of the Impressionist movement for the modern era. This collection was conceived as part of a 3500 square metre 360° panoramic art installation by Yadegar Asisi that was exhibited in Rouen, France, and is currently on display at the Panometer in Leipzig, Germany.

Where can I find technical support or more information?

Please contact us directly at if you have any questions about the purchase process or if you experience any technical difficulties. See our terms and conditions for more information.